It's informative to view Habitat for Humanity Menominee River not as a monolithic organization that moves as one, but as a collection of interrelated committees that help move the affiliate towards our goal of eliminating poverty housing and improving communities. Each committee is an independent body of volunteers that works within defined areas of responsibility. Together we are HFHMR.

This independence allows volunteers the freedom to find the area where they most want to contribute. A retired contractor may best share their skills in the construction committee. A volunteer with a sales and marketing background may want to help with our ReStore or Fundraising committee. Finding the right place for your skills is our first priority.

Whether you're an individual, small group, a large business, or other caring organization, there are many ways to become involved in HFHMR's work. Volunteers can join any number of committees. To volunteer for these committees or to become a member of our team, stop by our office at 113 S. Milwaukee Ave, Kingsford, or contact us at or (906) 779-5377.

Construction Committee

As you might expect, this committee oversees every facet of our home construction and rehab efforts. Their responsibilities range from selecting home sites, to approving blueprints, to overseeing construction budgets. This important committee swings the hammers and keeps our affiliate focused on our most visible characteristic.

Family Selection/Family Support Committee

Our primary mission is to offer eligible families an opportunity to buy a simple, decent home. This committee's responsibility is to find, screen, and support families that fit HFHMR's definition of "eligible". This committee must find families that are willing to partner with us, are able to shoulder the financial responsibility of a mortgage, and have a real and obvious need for a new home. It's not an easy task. This committee screens more than fifty applicants for every family that's approved.

Fundraising/Volunteer Committee

This is the "queen bee" committee. Everything HFHMR does starts and ends with fundraising. Everyone on our team gets involved with this committee in one way or another. Whether you help with our grant writing team or help to run our golf outing fundraiser, there is a place for you.

ReStore Committee

Our ReStore is unlike any other commercial business. We are a non-profit entity, but are tasked with making a "profit." We walk a tight line between our two primary missions:

  • Provide affordable goods to our customers
  • Raise money for the affiliate

Our ReStore manager is quick to complement the members of this committee with inventory control ideas, budget oversight, pricing limits, store layout, and other facets of the organization. To help with this committee, contact our ReStore manager, Crystal VanHese at or stop into the ReStore.

Finance Committee

Have an interest in how HFHMR runs our finances? Consider joining our finance committee. Our finance committee meets biweekly to discuss our financial state and determine the future for our home building and our repair program.