Owner Occupied Repair

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Owner Occupied Repair Loans

HFHMR offers owner occupied repair through the following programs:

Exterior Repair

A Brush With Kindness (ABWK)

The ABWK program is a partnership program to help eligible families who need assistance with small exterior repair jobs, exterior painting, outside tidiness and other such assignments. All of the work is completed by volunteers. The homeowner pays for most of the materials -- never to exceed 5% of their monthly income. If we paint the home's exterior, the paint base is free, but the cost of tinting is paid for by the homeowner.


HFHMR, in coordination with other volunteer agencies and organizations, can build wheelchair ramps for eligible families. Homeowners pick up the cost for the materials and HFHMR provides the volunteer labor. Some limited 0% interest loans, with manageable monthly payments, are available. Materials for wheelchair ramps cost about $25 per linear foot.

Porches, decks, siding, window replacement are also exterior repair projects.

Click here to download and print an application. For more information contact the HFHMR office at (906) 779-5377 or hfh@habitatmr.com.

Critical Home Repair Loan Program

HFHMR can offer loans to eligible families to make critical, but minor, repairs to their home. Critical repairs include: roof repair or replacement, weatherization, home access repairs, window upgrades, water heater, and/or heating and cooling replacement. This money cannot be used for the purchase of appliances or furniture, paying bills, carpet replacement and other non essential repairs.

Click here to download and print an application. For more information download the brochure below or contact the HFHMR offices at (906) 779-5377 or hfh@habitatmr.com.

Owner Occupied Repair


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