Home Ownership

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Home Ownership

Habitat for Humanity Menominee River (HFHMR) of Iron Mountain-Kingsford, MI is a community-based organization that works to eliminate poverty housing in Dickinson County. We do this by building and selling simple decent homes to qualified families. To keep the costs reasonable, HFHMR relies on local volunteers to build homes and change neighborhoods.

HFHMR has the following requirements for home purchase qualifications.


A potential HFHMR family must show they have a need for new housing. A family can show need in several ways including (1) currently living in conditions that are substandard, (2) currently living in a home that is too small for the family's needs, (3) the home, in some way, creates a financial hardship for the family.

Willingness to Partner

Families must be willing to partner with HFHMR while their home is being built. Specifically, each adult member of the family must volunteer 200 hours each to the building of the home.

Ability to Pay

A HFHMR home mortgage is about $450-$500 per month. An applying family must be able to show that they can afford this payment. In addition, family income may not exceed these maximum income guidelines (60% AMI).

Family Size

Maximum Annual Family Income for Dickinson County

Maximum Annual Family Income for Iron County

1 $30,300 $30,060
2 $34,620 $34,320
3 $38,940 $38,640
4 $43,260 $42,900
5 $46,740 $46,380
6 $50,220 $49,800

Download and print the application, fill it out, and return it to the Habitat office. For a mailed hard copy of the application, stop into the HFHMR office or contact us at (906) 779-5377 or hfh@habitatmr.com.

For more information download the brochures below or contact the HFHMR offices at (906) 779-5377 or hfh@habitatmr.com.

Family Brochure

Family FAQ Brochure


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