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Building communities where everyone has a decent place to live


"Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."

- Scott Adams

So, You Want to Swing A Hammer?

HFHMR has many opportunities to satisfy that need. Whether you're an individual, small group, a large business, or other caring organization, there are several ways to become involved in HFHMR's work. You can change your neighborhood one nail, one board, one day at a time.

To volunteer, stop by our office at 113 S. Milwaukee Ave, download, fill out and return our volunteer waiver, or contact the office at or (906) 779-5377. For directions to our office, please click here.

Team Builds Build your team while building your public image, your community, and most of all a home for a neighbor. Imagine the cooperation required to build walls, install drywall or set a series of trusses. Have you ever tried these activities with a group of your peers? How would you trust each other, communicate together, and develop and implement a plan? Here is your chance to find out!  Our home construction projects provide challenges that require teamwork, open communication and creative problem solving. HFHMR will provide supervision, equipment and construction materials. All that's needed is your team!

Boss Build 2022

Boss Team Build, June 2022

Women's Build A home construction site can be a bit intimidating for some women. It's the number one reason many do not volunteer. To overcome that problem, the HFHMR holds an annual Women Build. The HFHMR women build, sponsored by Lowes, is a women only experience that has helped complete 19 homes in a friendly, safe, and non-threatening environment. Over the years, hundreds of Dickinson and Iron County women have participated in every phase of construction, leaving the site with real construction experience and a host of new friends. Are you interested in improving the lives of local families?

2018 Women's Build

2018 Women's Build

Hastings Group 2022

Amery Group 2018


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(906) 779-5377

113 S Milwaukee Ave
Kingsford, MI 49802
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