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"You have never lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

– John Bunyan

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Starnes Family (2009)

The Starnes Family is very eager and excited to be partners with Habitat in the building of their new home in Vucan, Michigan. Brian and Jessica have three children: Collin, age 10, Riley, age 11, and Dawson, age 6.

Brian has been a lifelong resident of the Iron Mountain area. He attended Iron Mountain schools and now works for Stewart’s Manufacturing. He enjoys attending his son’s little league games. Some of his hobbies are playing his guitar, hunting, and fishing.

Jessica was born and raised in Hermansville, Michigan. She attended North Central Schools, moving to Norway with her parents in 1999, and then to Iron Mountain in 2003. She is employed at LaFaive Oil in Quinnesec. She also enjoys watching her son play baseball and some of her hobbies are reading and walking.

They were renting an old mobile home in Norway which was in very poor condition. “Both bathrooms had leaking toilets which actually rotted the floor. The floor was at an angle since one side was sinking”. Their annual lease came due in April, 2009. They requested a shorter lease in order to stay in the mobile home while their new home was in the construction stage but was denied. Jessica’s parents opened their home to Brian and Jessica and their grandchildren. This was a welcome solution for Brian and Jessica as it allows them to save for some needed items for their new home. They are also able to catch up on costly heating bills from last winter while living in the poorly insulated mobile home.

Brian says he is looking forward to “Getting into our new home and making it our own. Finally, we will own our own home and not need to ask permission to do anything to the house.” He has plans to make a “football room” in the lower level and invite friends in to watch the Packer games. Jessica is looking forward to decorating their home the way she has always dreamed. She is especially looking forward to their first Christmas. She already knows how they will light up the porch and windows.

Brian believes having a new home is going to brighten the lives of their children. He believes it will boost the morale of the whole family and have a positive impact on the kids. Jessica feels their new home will provide a healthy and safe environment for their children. Both parents know the children will be proud to have their friends over to play. They especially love the neighborhood.


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